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The President’s Distinguished University Citizenship and Service Award, presented annually, acknowledges exceptional service by a University of Vermont faculty member who is recognized as a true university citizen for contributions to institutional building at the university. The recipient receives a prize of $1,000. Names are displayed on a plaque on the main floor of the Waterman Building.

Congratulations to the AY 2020–2021 President’s Distinguished University Citizenship and Service Award recipient!

Lawrence G. Shelton, PhD, Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies Emeritus, Department of Leadership & Developmental Sciences, College of Education and Social Services


Nominees for the President’s Distinguished University Citizenship and Service Award must be faculty members (lecturer or clinical faculty, full-time tenure or tenure-track faculty, research faculty, library faculty, or extension faculty) who have worked at the University of Vermont for at least five years. Faculty members serving in administrative roles are eligible for the award.

Nominees for the President’s Distinguished University Citizenship and Service Award must have demonstrated sustained and exceptional leadership and service to the University of Vermont. This includes, but is not limited to, service at the department, college or school, or University-wide level, service on committees, governance groups, and advising student organizations or committees. The nature of the service must go beyond that expected of faculty for promotion and advancement at the University and should extend over multiple years. Evidence of transformative leadership and accomplishment as an institutional citizen must be demonstrated. Broadly defined, the service of the nominee must have “made a significant difference” at the University of Vermont. Service to the faculty member’s profession or to the external community is not a criteria for the award. Service awards will not be given to the same person more than once in a ten-year period.

Nomination Process

Faculty, staff and students may nominate faculty members for the President’s Distinguished University Citizenship and Service Award. Faculty members may self-nominate. Nominations are due Monday, March 28, 2022. The nominator should submit a letter explaining the qualifications of the nominee and a description of the nominees’ exceptional service and accomplishments. The nominator must secure a letter of support from the person to whom the nominee reports to demonstrating their support. The nominator must also secure three additional letters of support addressing the nominee’s qualifications. At least one support letter must be from outside the faculty member’s home college, school or unit.

Nominees will be notified of their nomination and asked to provide a current curriculum vitae and a detailed statement of their service. Nominees may provide documents demonstrating their services as well as records of any citations or accommodations received for their service.

Nomination material should be sent via email as a single bookmarked PDF, with "President’s Distinguished University Citizenship and Service Award Nomination" as the subject line to no later than 4:30 PM, Monday, March 28.

Award Committee

The Committee will be made up of one tenured faculty member appointed by the dean from each of the eight degree granting colleges or schools and the University Libraries, and two faculty appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate each serving for a three-year, staggered term and eligible for reappointment for a second term. In addition, the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs will be a member of the Committee and serve as the Committee Chair. The Committee recommends candidates for the award to the President. The President will make the final decision.