We are committed to uplifting and supporting students from marginalized backgrounds as they pursue a career in health.

The health professions are not immune to instances of bias and exclusion, but a concerted effort is being made by several professional organizations to uplift those who are underrepresented in medicine. This includes a commitment to ensuring that the field better reflects the diversity of the United States.

Experiential Learning

Student Organizations

Joining a student organization is a great way to connect with peers who share your interests, as well as opportunities to engage more deeply with issues you are passionate about. UVM's Minority Association for Premedical Students is a student-run club that connects underrepresented students with networking, internship, entrance exam preparation, research/volunteering, and scholarship opportunities. Other identity-based and career-related clubs can provide additional connections, relationships, and skill-building opportunities. Check out UVM Clubs to learn more and get involved.

Internships, Research, and Enrichment Programs

Pursuing an internship or enrichment program can grant you access to professional networks, mentorship, and future opportunities. Several are focused on supporting students from marginalized backgrounds, though the definition of which identity groups are considered underrepresented is evolving and varies from program to program.


Finding professionals that you feel a meaningful connection with can be a great asset in the process of finding and applying to medical or dental school. It will likely be difficult to find a single mentor who shares all of your identities and experiences, but consider creating a "personal board of directors" who you can turn to for advice, reflective conversations, and personal connection throughout your journey to a career in medicine or dentistry. There are many different ways that you can find a mentor - from trusted faculty members or your academic advisor to a lab supervisor, internship host, or an alum that you meet through UVM Connect, LinkedIn, or a networking event.

Application Support

Fee Assistance Programs are designed to support those who need funding support to cover the costs of entrance exams and application fees. Requirements vary, and awards are often given on a first come-first serve basis.