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The Health Professions Portfolio+ (HPP+) provides personalized, honest, and proactive advising to support students in becoming confident candidates with exceptional applications, who make smart decisions about when and where to apply to medical or dental school. 

Health Professions Portfolio+

Modeled after the centralized application processes and shaped by years of insight working directly with admissions personnel, HPP+ promotes intentional growth and deep reflection through the creation of a robust portfolio reflecting academic accomplishments, community engagement, healthcare exposure/experience, research endeavors, core competencies, and motivation for the profession. The process of deeply reflecting on your commitment and fit for the profession further enhances your preparation to enter the field, encourages an evaluation of your ethical framework, and promotes an honest self-awareness that supports continued growth.

Health Professions Portfolio+

Health Professions Portfolio (HPP) Review

Participants in HPP are encouraged to meet with the premedical advisor after completing the HPP process. A candid evaluation of your portfolio will help you better understand the strengths of your candidacy and potential areas for growth prior to applying. Specific and tailored insights will help you create a compelling final application to illuminate the strengths of your candidacy.

Mock Interviews & Mentorship

Following the HPP Review Appointment you may be offered a mock interview with a Pre-Med Advisory Committee Member – providing essential practice and additional insights.

Students participating in HPP are eligible to be paired with someone currently in medical school (Larner College of Medicine student or a UVM alum enrolled in medical school outside of Vermont) to get support, advice, and mentorship from the start of the application cycle through secondary applications, interviews, and acceptances.

When to Apply

The average age of matriculants to medical school nationally is currently ~25 years. It is not surprising that the majority of UVM applicants apply as alums, after one or more growth years in which they have time to gain additional perspectives and meaningful experiences.  

It is strongly recommended that anyone considering application to medical or dental school meet with the Pre-Health Advisor annually starting in sophomore year and formally begin the Health Professions Portfolio the fall before they plan to apply to medical or dental school. As well, we recommend doing the AAMC Anatomy of an Applicant Self-Assessment Guide every year. Note that the entire HPP+ process is also recommended for applicants to optometry or podiatric medical school. Discuss the optimal timeline for these programs with the Health Professions Advisor.

Timeline Overview

All juniors, seniors, and alums considering application to medical or dental school in the upcoming cycle are encouraged to participate in the Health Profession Portfolio+ starting in the prior fall. The centralized application services open in May every year through AMCAS (MD), AACOMAS (DO), and AADSAS (DDS/DMD). Because many schools operate on rolling admissions, it is advisable to submit these applications apply by June, or mid-July at the latest.

Suggested “ideal” timeline for the year leading up to application submission:

  • Complete MCAT by September if possible; if not, then as early in the new year as possible (DAT timing is more flexible)

  • Enroll in the Health Professions Portfolio (HPP) in the fall and work through the modules with an aim to finish between January and March. 

  • Reach out to potential Letter of Recommendation writers. 

  • Enroll in the MedMentor program and reach out for input from your assigned medical student mentor

  • Complete an HPP Review Appointmen with the Health Professions Advisor after submitting the required documents.

  • Continue to edit your Personal Statement and Work/Activity documents.

  • If eligible, participate in a mock interview in the spring. 

  • Submit your centralized application soon after the cycle opens and prepare for the receipt of secondary applications.

Preparing to apply to medical or dental school requires a significant investment of time, but we are here to support you along the way.

Submitting Your Application

Find more information about centralized application systems, medical school interviews, and choosing the best program for you.

Submitting Your Application