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Our Health Professions Portfolio+ process (HPP+) affords UVM students and alums an innovative approach to comprehensive preparation for medical or dental school. 

Increasingly, medical / dental schools are looking for candidates who can demonstrate maturity and have deep insights into the realities and challenges of the profession.  One of the best ways to do this is through an introspective reflection of your clinical experiences and the lessons learned regarding access to healthcare and healthcare disparities, to name a few.

A primary purpose of the HPP+ is for potential applicants to self-evaluate the strength of their current candidacy and to reflect on whether the upcoming application cycle is the right cycle to initiate an application.

When to begin your Health Professions Portfolio+

Participating in HPP+ from November - April will prepare you to be able to submit your application when the cycle opens in May, for matriculation in medical / dental school the following summer.  HPP+ is available to - and encouraged for - all potential juniors, seniors, and alums considering application in the upcoming summer cycle.

HPP+ enrollment opens annually in November.  Early enrollment is encouraged, although the opportunity to enroll will remain available through May, not all parts of the HPP+ will be available for those joining the process after January.

Upon completion of the first draft of your portfolio (in January) you’ll be able to self-schedule a Readiness Assessment Discussion (RAD) through Handshake. The RAD is a formal, one-hour appointment with the Health Professions Advisor to discuss specific feedback regarding the HPP+ and opportunities to strengthen your candicacy.

Enrolling in HPP+

Enrollment has closed for those applying to medical/dental school this spring/summer.

Check back here in November to prepare for the next application cycle.

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