• UVM Art Professor Wins Guggenheim Fellowship

    Madsen Minax was recently awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship that will support the development of his work and extend its reach.

    Read more on UVM Today.

  • ARC students pitch the future of solar

    Nicole Eaton, Dorcas Lohese, and Mason Tuff delivered their ARC presentation at UVM Innovation's 2022 Invention2Venture during Research Week.

    Read More here.

  • Art, Artificial Intelligence, and Research

    UVM artist and lecturer Jenn Karson used the VACC to create stunning works of art.

    Read More About the Art and the Process

  • No Birds, Just Bees

    UVM research and professor Samantha Alger speerheads Vermont's involvement in a national survey of honeybees.

    Read more here.

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