Undergraduate Research Combines Seana Kelly’s Interests in Animal Science and Nutrition

Going to college, Seana Kelly knew she wanted to pursue a career in animal sciences. After taking Dr. Jana Kraft’s Introduction to Animal Nutrition course during her freshman year, her interest in nutrition began to grow. Now a senior majoring in animal science with a minor in nutrition and food sciences, Kelly is conducting research alongside Kraft, associate professor in the...

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Moose in snowy evergreen forest

Mapping Moose Movement Helps Wildlife Managers Pinpoint Habitat Hotspots

Moose are one of the most char­ismatic and culturally important wildlife species of the northeastern United States. Due to heavy winter tick infestations, moose populations have declined considerably in southern parts of their range, including Vermont.

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UVM’s new Institute for Agroecology aims to ‘Revolutionize Research Enterprise’

Today, the University of Vermont’s Board of Trustees voted to approve the creation of the university-wide Institute for Agroecology (IFA) — a new institute based in the Office of the Vice President for Research and the Office of Engagement — seeking to serve the entire UVM community, as well as engage the wider

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