HTM Workshop, Washington DC

Leaders from 14 Caribbean nations attended the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Workshop held in Washington, DC, March 27-29 sponsored by Pan American Health Organization and the Healthcare Technology Foundation (HTF). The workshop faculty included ACCE members James, Wear, Jennifer Ott, Michael Lane and Tobey Clark with active participation from Alexandre Lemgruber, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Senior Advisor for Health Technologies. Also, Paul Coss, HTF President, was prominent in an opening video welcome.

The WHO Collaborating Center for HTM at the Technical Services Partnership (TSP), University of Vermont, coordinated the event, which featured more than eight hours of active discussion between participants and faculty, and included topics such as project planning/deployment, medical device cybersecurity, and network integration and support in addition to staple HTM content. The Caribbean Working Group on Health Technology Management was established and will be facilitated by the Community of Practice at the Regional Platform on Access and Innovation for Health Technologies (PRAIS) on the PAHO website. Future activities are focused on Caribbean nations leveraging actions through collaboration amongst participants in the areas of procurement and maintenance. The collaborating center welcomes inquiries from interested ACCE members to become involved in the improvement of HTM in the Caribbean.

HTM Workshop, Peru

In Peru, Rossana Rivas, collaborating center senior advisor, and TSP's Tobey Clark taught a six-week course on HTM for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of Peru. The Peruvian NIH is more like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US and consists of major laboratories in the capital of Lima and smaller regional labs throughout the nation.

HTM principles are being applied to the public health laboratories through capacity building to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness, and availability of equipment. Twenty-five participants were part of the hybrid course consisting of two all-day, in-person classes and four webinars supplemented by online resources and assignments. The final class on April 25 featured project presentations by five teams. For more detail on the hybrid course, see the AAMI News article, Hybrid Course Builds HTM Capacity in Peru.


A webinar was provided to the PAHO RedETSA technology assessment group. Sixty-eight attendees from the Americas attended the April 12 session on "HTA and Creating Sustainable Technologies: Health Technology Management." There is strong interest in sustaining technologies shown to have value during the assessment process. Additional webinars are planned for this group.


Michael William Lane