AAMI Exchange Global Track

The Technical Services Partnership (TSP) - University of Vermont (UVM) collaborating center led a panel of World Health Organization (WHO) leaders at the AAMI Exchange Global Track, coordinated by Brad Schoener, PhD, AAMI. Adriana Velazquez, WHO Senior Advisor on Medical Devices, was the keynote panelist with three representatives from WHO Collaborating Centers for HTM in the Americas, including: Renato Garcia PhD, Instituto de Engenharia Biomédic, UFSC (Brazil); Roberto Ayala, Director, Biomedical Engineering, CENETEC (Mexico); Rossana Rivas, Senior Advisor (Vermont USA); and Tobey Clark, Director (Vermont USA).

The session focused on showing examples of HTM successes working with government health systems, universities, and NGOs via the WHO network. The panel interacted with the attendees to brainstorm on how they could engage globally to improve HTM. TSP/UVM staff presenting at the AAMI Exchange in other areas included: Mike Lane, Director; Leah Francoeur, Clinical Engineer; and Paige Hamilton, UVM BME student intern.

WHO Publication

The UVM collaborating center has been an active partner in developing the WHO publication, "Decommissioning Medical Devices." A broad range of input has been received from the expert team consisting of global HTA, HTM, and NGO representatives led by Adriana Velazquez.

PAHO Online Course

The Healthcare Technology Planning and Management online course at PAHO Virtual Campus for Public Health (PAHO) begins September 9, 2019. The bilingual course, with Rossana Rivas as professor of the Spanish course, runs 12 weeks. This is the third offering of the course over the past five years.

Workshop in Buenos Aires

The Biomedical Technology Management: Maintenance and Quality Control Workshop was held at Favaloro University in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on June 26 and 27. The workshop was coordinated by Sebastián Graf, PhD, Dean, Engineering and Physical Sciences, with 28 biomedical engineering professionals attending, including Eduardo Fernández Sardá, the president of the Argentina clinical engineering society, and CE department staff from as far away as Cordova (403 miles).

The volunteer faculty from the UVM collaborating center included Rossana Rivas and Tobey Clark, combined with Dean Graf, with a doctorate in BME, to offer highly interactive sessions on Day 1. Day 2 focused on quality control and maintenance demonstrations, as well as hands-on activities with instructors from Set-Gad and Empresa ETYC — both Fluke Biomedical representatives.

New Intern

Kenichia Charles, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, will start her 14-week internship at UVM in September. She recently graduated with honors from the University of West Indies in biomedical engineering technology.


Michael William Lane