Perkinsville--On March 14 the Green Mountain 4-H Club of Springfield hosted the 4-H Invitational .22 Rifle Shoot at the Precision Valley Fish and Game Association's indoor range in Perkinsville. Twelve 4-H'ers from three clubs participated.

Competitors were permitted to use any safe .22 LR rifle with any sight (peep, iron/open) or a scope. Although each youth shot from three positions--prone, sitting or kneeling and offhand (standing)--they were able to choose their own target size based on their ability level and competed against others in their age group shooting at the same target (designated as the A or B group depending on target size).

Winners in the senior division (ages 14-18), in order of placement, were Brady Roy, Springfield (Green Mountain 4-H Club); Hunter Smith, Westminster (Green Mountain 4-H Club); Jayden Mead, Poultney (Oxbow Mountain 4-H Shooting Sports Club); and Sammie Beaupre, Orford, New Hampshire (Upper Valley Bullseyes 4-H Club).

In the Junior Division (ages 12-13) David Lefler of Bath, New Hampshire, and the Upper Valley Bullseyes 4-H Club, placed first in the A group. In the B group, the first-place competitor was Isaac Osinchuk, Springfield. Second place went to Owen Lawler, Springfield; third to Julian Roberson, Chester; and fourth to Justin Roy, Springfield. All four are members of the Green Mountain 4-H Club.

Newbury 4-H'er Maggie Williams (Upper Valley Bullseyes 4-H Club) took first in the A group in the Novice Division (ages 8-10). Ivan Osinchuk and Kien Priestley, both from Springfield and the Green Mountain 4-H Club, placed first and second, respectively, in the B group in this division.

Adult volunteers assisting with this University of Vermont Extension 4-H-sponsored event were Ginger Goings and Joe Roy, both from Springfield, and Paul Muzzey, Chester.

To learn more about the Vermont 4-H Shooting Sports Program, contact Lisa Muzzey, UVM Extension 4-H educator, at


Lisa J. Muzzey
2 students hold rifles as they compete in an indoor shooting competition
David Lefler, Bath, New Hampshire (left), and Julian Roberson, Chester; shoot from the offhand or standing position in the Junior Division competition at the rifle shoot. (photo: Lisa Muzzey/UVM Extension 4-H)
1 student loads his rifle as he competes in an indoor rifle competition
Springfield 4-H'er Kien Priestley loads his rifle at the start of his round at the 4-H Invitational .22 Rifle Shoot, March 14 in Perkinsville. (photo: Lisa Muzzey/UVM Extension 4-H)