English major Sam McCollom applied for an editorial internship at the New York Minute magazine on a whim. Not only did she get an offer to join the editorial staff for a six-month internship, but she began work within a week of sending in her application. She works remotely, researching and writing stories on her own time, but feels deeply involved the life of the publication. “I’ve pitched stories, written articles, edited, managed content, and published through WordPress. I began in May, and I have already learned so much!”

She began as an assistant editor, but was recently promoted to lead editor. The magazine is an online publication with a mission of empowering women while shedding light on the effects of inequality. Some of Sam’s recent stories include a reflection on the late Stephen Hawking as an advocate for women’s rights, and an article on a non-profit organization Voice for Change seeking to eradicate gender-based injustices in rural Papua New Guinea. 

“Since high school, I wanted to be an editor for a magazine that I truly connected with, and I’m already there,” Sam enthuses. “I’m about to start my junior year here at UVM, and I can already say, ‘Hey look, I’m the lead editor of a magazine!’ That’s not something I thought I would be able to say this early in my life.” 


Kevin Coburn