Dec. 6 7:00 p.m. Waterman Memorial Lounge, University of Vermont.

The Last of the Hill Farms: Echoes of Vermont's Past

Richard W. Brown

Richard W. Brown is considered one of America’s foremost photographers of rural life and the New England landscape. For over 30 years he has searched with his camera for the unspoiled soul of this region. His photographs have appeared in numerous publications, including Audubon, National Wildlife, Vermont Life, and The NewYorkTimes. More than 20 books of his photographs have been published world-wide.

“Mr Brown is my favorite upcountry artist with a camera. His photographs have such a crisp luminosity I think I would recognize them anywhere. Uniquely, he captures the quality of northern light, whether it’s the beatification of a curly Dorset sheep or the stunning blow of sunlight hammering the east face of a snowed-in farmhouse. . .” 

--- Maxine Kumin The New York Times 


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Sophia Trigg
The northeastern U.S. has experienced dramatic changes in precipitation over the past century.