Dear UVM family, In a week that was marked by the awful death toll from COVID-19 exceeding 100,000, and the ranks of unemployed Americans swelling past 40 million, the incomprehensible killing of one individual still moved the nation. A friend of mine said she was just feeling numb. I have personally struggled to process the senseless actions on that video.
I do not have words of wisdom to share, or to explain the unexplainable. But I do know that we are all diminished when a lack of opportunity, coupled with fear and life-threatening circumstances, prevent the development of potential.
As a citizen, husband, father and friend, I stand in solidarity with all who are saddened and outraged by the events of this week. And as an educator, promoting a sense of safety and belonging among all our students and our community is foremost on my mind.
I acknowledge our shared responsibility to work toward a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where we feel compassion toward one another, and there is justice toward those who still suffer within our country.
Decades ago, Langston Hughes had to remind us that “I, too, am America”. Let us not wait for further reminders.
And at this time of pain, let us look out for each other and offer support and kindness… widely and unconditionally.
Please rely on our community resources at this time of need, including our Mosaic Center and our Counseling and Psychiatry Services. Write me if you have stories or ideas to share.
Wishing us all peace and fellowship,

Suresh Garimella
University of Vermont


Suresh V. Garimella, President