In the spring of 2015 MPA Professor Chris Koliba undertook a Fulbright Fellowship in Sri Lanka.  In addition to conducting research on the governance of community-based climate change adaptation projects for the UNDP, Koliba gave a series of lectures on Good Governance.  He gave his final lecture in the Northern Providence of Sri Lanka in Jaffna, a city and region hit hardest by the 30 years of civil war that tore the country apart.  There, he befriended Mr. Sambasivam Sutharsan, a senior level career civil servant with the Central Government Northern Providence.  Sutharsan–a person of Tamil origin–has been instrumental in the reconstruction of Jaffna.  He recently completed his MPA degree at the University of Colombo, completing a thesis on democratic accountability.  Koliba advised his thesis project and is working to get the study published.  A survey of public sector and civil society leaders in Jaffna, Sutharsan presented his research at the 3rd Annual Conference on Democratic Governance in Developing Countries Conference, convened by the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs in Washington, DC.  Koliba accompanied Sutharsan to the conference and toured the Nation's Capital in the process.  "I am inspired to see the growth of democratic institutions in Sri Lanka and am honored to support leading public adminstrators like Sutharsan who are leading the way to a new era of peace and stability for the island nation," says Koliba.


Julie B Starr
Sutharsan Presenting
Suatharsan presenting his research on Political Accountability.