Dividing Grasses and other June Gardening Tips

Dividing ornamental grasses, supporting flower stems, and moving spring-flowering bulbs are some of the gardening activities for this month. Read More >>


While you don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy watching and feeding birds, gardeners are in a particularly good position to help them through proper landscape and plant choices. Read More >>

Early Summer Tips for the Vegetable Garden

Mulching, staking, pest and disease control, and succession planting are some of the early season tips for vegetable gardens. Read More >>

Coreopsis—Flower of the Year

Coreopsis generally resist deer feeding, are drought tolerant once established, and being quite care-free are good for beginners and low-maintenance gardens. Read More >>

Avoid Lyme Disease While Gardening

Knowing about this disease, how it is spread, and steps to avoid it, will allow you to continue gardening or enjoying the outdoors, along with your pets, without concern for these spider relatives. Read More >>


Leonard Payne Perry