Allison Hrycik, College of Arts and Sciences

The University of Vermont Graduate College is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2017 Roberto Fabri Fialho award is Allison Hrycik, a doctoral student in the Biology program.

Allison grew up in Colden, NY, a small town outside of Buffalo. She discovered her love for nature by exploring the woods behind her house with her brother and sister, which led her to pursue a B.S. in Natural Resources at Cornell University. During her undergraduate studies, Allison spent three summers at the Cornell Biological Station and was involved in research on Lake Champlain and several small lakes in the Adirondacks, further solidifying her interest in ecological research and especially aquatic ecology.

After a brief hiatus from ecology in which she worked in as a research technician in a floriculture lab, Allison went to Purdue University for her M.S. Her master’s research dealt with feeding and movement patterns of yellow perch in Lake Erie. Allison is now pursuing her PhD in Jason Stockwell’s lab at UVM in the Biology Department. She studies how changes in winter severity associated with climate change affect phytoplankton communities, which has implications for the intensity of harmful algal blooms that we may see in the future. Allison’s research takes place both locally (Shelburne Pond and Lake Champlain) and on a global scale through collaborative lake monitoring projects.


Hannah Marie Helme