The increasing availability of high quality, locally grown grains is giving rise to new Vermont bakeries, breweries and distilleries. 

Todd Hardie, owner of Thornhill Farm in Greensboro Bend, credits success of their 82 acres of certified organic winter rye and barley production, and 2.5 acres of elderberries, to education and support provided by the Northwest Crops and Soils team:  “We are very grateful for UVM Extension and all that Heather Darby and her team do to support our farm.  From nutrient management, support for manure, and with many facets of growing grain, their help is very much appreciated.” 

The mission of the UVM Extension Northwest Crops and Soils Team is to provide the best and most relevant cropping information, both research-based and experiential, delivered in the most practical and understandable ways to Vermont farmers. 

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UVM Extension
Winter rye (Photo: UVM Extension)
Winter barley (Photo: UVM Extension)