The Gund Institute for Environment seeks nominations for new Gund Fellows and Affiliates to expand its global research network.

The new UVM-wide Institute’s inaugural call for Fellows and Affiliates covers the following affiliations, available to scholars from all UVM schools and colleges:

  • Faculty Fellows and Affiliates to pursue collaborative research, training, and outreach activities.
  • Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Student Fellows to work closely with faculty Fellows and other collaborators on these research and outreach projects.

To submit nominations (or self-nominate), please follow the affiliation instructions posted on the Gund Institute’s website by the November 1 deadline.

“UVM has an exceptional community of scholars working on all aspects of the environment and sustainability,” says Donna Rizzo, acting director of the Gund Institute for Environment. “Our goal is to connect these scholars, to catalyze collaborative research, and produce real-world solutions to the challenges facing humanity. 

Gund Affiliations, along with the recently announced $150K Gund Catalyst Awards (due Oct. 15), are flagship programs designed to increase interdisciplinary research at UVM on pressing environmental challenges.

New Gund Fellows and Affiliates will be added each semester. Experts and colleagues from outside organizations worldwide are encouraged to become Global Affiliates.

UVM undergraduate students can apply for Gund Undergraduate Research Awards, offered in partnership with the Office of Undergraduate Research.


Basil D.N. Waugh