Dear Deans, Associate Deans, Directors, and Chairs,

The following memo offers guidance regarding Winter and Spring 2021 internships. Please note that this guidance is separate from processes in place regarding clinical and practicum experiences, including those issued earlier this fall semester by the Faculty and Academic Affairs working group of UVMStrong.

Specific questions regarding internships can be directed to J. Dickinson for undergraduate students, and Cindy Forehand for graduate students.

Dr. Jennifer Dickinson

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Student Success

Associate Professor, Anthropology

The University of Vermont


November 20, 2020

Dear Academic Deans, Directors, and Chairs; Internship Supervisors; Student Services Professionals,

As you work with students to plan internships for Spring 2021, please adhere to the following

In light of increasing COVID numbers, Winter session internships should be entirely remote.
Internship work for spring semester placements cannot begin until the start of classes (February
1, 2021).1

In addition, UVM has asked our internship partners to sign off on forms to ensure that they are
aware of, and agree to abide by, UVM’s health and safety standards, and that UVM students
attest to their willingness to comply with the standards established by UVM as well as in their
internship sites. Internship work cannot begin until relevant MOU and clinical site paperwork is
in place.

For the spring semester, internship placements may be in-person as long as on-campus
instruction continues in-person; should the campus switch to remote instruction at any point in
the semester due to the pandemic, all in-person components of for-credit internships should
cease. Individual schools and colleges may limit in-person internships to remote modalities if
they choose; this policy must be clearly communicated to students, internship coordinators, and
internship partners.

Students choosing the at-home learning option for spring 2021 may not enroll in a for-credit
internship with in-person components if they will be living in Chittenden County, or completing
their internship work in Chittenden County. In-person, for-credit internship work is permitted
for students residing outside of Chittenden County, if the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The student’s in-person internship work takes place outside of Chittenden County
  • The internship site supervisor provides written acknowledgement that the student is not
    included in UVM’s testing protocol. This acknowledgement should be submitted to the
    internship course instructor.

As a reminder, approval processes for full-semester domestic “study away” programs outside of
Vermont are addressed in the 9/30/2020 memo.

Finally, if a student wishes to engage in off-campus, in-person paid work, volunteering, or an
internship that is not a credit-bearing experience, they may choose to do so on their own time. If
a student chooses to engage in these types of activities on their own time, they must continue to
follow the Green and Gold Promise, including observing quarantine restrictions and relevant
CDC, state, and local guidance for health and safety. This applies to students in both on-campus
and at-home learning options for Spring 2021

Jennifer Dickinson, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Student Success


1 A process has been put in place for clinical and practicum placements that are required degree components and must begin prior to February 1. Questions regarding this process can be directed to Cynthia Forehand for graduate student experiences and J. Dickinson for undergraduate experiences.


Jennifer Dickinson, Vice Provost for Academic Affa