Test your knowledge of all things Catamounts

1. UVM English professor and poet Major Jackson wrote the liner notes for the 1994 album by these musicians:

A. ZZ Top   B. The Roots   C. Fugees   D. Beastie Boys

2. In 1926, UVM students voted to choose a school mascot. Which of these animals were among the four options?
A. Camels   B. Bobcats   C. Porcupines   D. Fightin’ Newts

3. Which of these actors who played Batman also attended UVM:
A. Christian Bale   B. Val Kilmer   C. Adam West   D. Ben Affleck

4. UVM’s Williams Hall is modeled after this famous building:
A. The Parthenon   B. Canada’s Parliament   C. Oxford University Museum   D. Peace Palace, The Hague

5. HH Richardson, architect who designed Trinity Church on Boston’s Copley Square, also designed this UVM building:
A. Billings Library   B. Williams Hall   C. Old Mill   D. Ira Allen Chapel

6. UVM has been represented by a current student-athlete or graduate in every Winter Olympics since:
A. 1956   B. 1972   C. 1924   D. 1988

7. UVM alumnus Jon Kilik, Class of 1978, has these movies among his many credits as a producer:
A. Reservoir Dogs, Air Bud, Cujo   B.  Spotlight, Lord of the Rings, Frozen   C. Brokeback Mountain, The Ice Storm, Moonlight   D.  Do the Right Thing, Hunger Games trilogy, Foxcatcher

8. Camel’s Hump was given this alternate name by French explorer Samuel de Champlain:
A. Le Lion Couchant   B.  Bosses sur la Route   C. La Brioche   D.  L’Enfant Terrible

9. Phish played their first show in this UVM residential complex:
A. Wing-Davis-Wilks   B. Living/Learning   C. Harris-Millis   D. Coolidge Hall

10. Just one other university has the Catamount as their mascot. That school is:
A. Appalachian State   B. Eastern Carolina University   C. SUNY-Potsdam   D. Western Carolina University

11. Prototypes for this revolutionary athletic garment were developed in the costume studio of UVM’s Royall Tyler Theatre:
A. The JogBra   B. The Buff   C. The smartphone arm strap   D. The skort

12. Pi Kappa Alpha‘s stellar fundraising for Hilarity for Charity Alzheimer’s Foundation brought this actor to campus three times:  
A. Steve Carrell   B. Paul Rudd   C. Seth Rogen   D. Adam Sandler

13. During the War of 1812, the university suspended operations and this campus building was used by the military as a temporary barracks. 
A. Royall Tyler Theatre   B. Patrick Gym   C. Old Mill   D. Converse Hall

14. UVM alumna author Annie Proulx, Class of 1969, wrote the short story adapted into this film:
A. Brokeback Mountain   B. No Country for Old Men    C. Benjamin Button   D. Frozen   

15. Which movie starring Harrison Ford was filmed, in part, at UVM ?
A. Star Wars   B. Witness   C. Raiders of the Lost Ark   D. What Lies Beneath

16. UVM Music faculty member Ray Vega has performed on Grammy Award-winning albums with:
A. New York Philharmonic   B. Tito Puente’s Orchestra   C. Electric Light Orchestra   D. Miami Sound Machine




1. B,  2. A,  3. D,  4. C,  5. A,  6. A,  7. D,  8. A,  9. C,  10. D,  11. A,  12. C,  13. C,  14. A,  15. D,  16. B


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Thomas Weaver