Burlington--4-H State Day, an annual capstone experience for Vermont 4-H members, adopted a virtual format this year to allow club members to showcase their talents and recent project work.

Among the 82 participants in this University of Vermont (UVM) Extension 4-H event were 14 from Orleans and Essex County 4-H clubs. Entries were accepted in 16 different categories via video and email for evaluators' feedback on presentation and workmanship, among other criteria.

"Just a few months ago none of us could have imagined that we would be social distancing and that major events in the 4-H year, like State Day, would be canceled," says Allison Smith, UVM Extension 4-H Youth Learning Experiences coordinator. "Taking this event online was a new endeavor for all of us--staff, volunteers and youth.

"However, as the exhibits poured in, 4-H'ers led the way in their excitement, innovation and ability to adapt quickly to change. They took their illustrated talks into the field, added music to their team demonstrations and exercised new skills in photography and videography to creatively capture their communications and public speaking projects."

Area participants and their entries were:

GREENSBORO: Natalie Hill (action exhibit: Sap to Syrup with members of her club, Caspian Critters; non-clothing sewing: quilt; photo: Floating Leaf), Warren Hill (action exhibit: Sap to Syrup with members of his club, Caspian Critters; photo: Puppy in the Snow), Emma Rowell (photo: Black-eyed Susan; poster-Sheep Digestion; team demonstration: First Aid For You and Your Livestock with Aubrey Maley, Irasburg)

GREENSBORO BEND: Sophia Camarra (photo: Mocha; poster: Siberian Husky vs. Alaskan Malamute; tabletop exhibit: Dogs, action exhibit: Sap to Syrup with members of her club, Caspian Critters), Natalie Michaud (poster: Holstein History)

IRASBURG Aubrey Maley (public speaking: Green Up the Farms; team demonstration: First Aid For You and Your Livestock with Emma Rowell, Greensboro)

ORLEANS: Anthony Davis (smart shopper: creating an outfit on a budget), Bianca Davis (individual stage presentation: flute solo), Cooper Lamonda (poster: The Solar System), Isabella Lamonda (individual stage presentation: dance; poster: Bees, Wasps and Hornets)

WEST CHARLESTON Aubrey Watson (photo: Bone to be Wild)


Lancaster, New Hampshire: Kailyn Jones (poster: Oh the Place You Will Go), Lauryn Jones (poster: 4-H Lights the Path for a Brighter Future)

Lunenburg: Rozalynd Ahlmann (individual stage presentation: singing; photo: Fall Leaves)

To learn more about 4-H in Essex and Orleans Counties, contact Lindy Birch at (802) 334-7235, ext. 481.


Allison Emily Smith
A team demonstration of First Aid For You and Your Livestock
Irasburg 4-H'er Aubrey Maley took part in a team demonstration, First Aid For You and Your Livestock, in 4-H State Day. (photo: courtesy of UVM Extension 4-H)