Burlington--If you have a farm, forest or maple business and are experiencing disruptions or challenges due to the COVID-19 situation, University of Vermont Extension can help.

Agricultural business experts are available to answer questions, assist with locating resources and offer business coaching, all remotely. They also can consult on critical business decision-making, assessing changes to markets, financial planning, farm labor issues and related concerns.

Appointments may be made by voicemail or email to confer with any of the following individuals:

--Mark Cannella (farm and maple business): (802) 476-2003, ext. 207; mark.cannella@uvm.edu

--Beth Holtzman (early stage/homestead farms): (802) 476-2003, ext. 204; beth.holtzman@uvm.edu

--Tony Kitsos (farm business): (802) 524-6501, ext. 440; tony.kitsos@uvm.edu

--Chris Lindgren (forest and maple business): (802) 773-3349, ext. 274; christopher.lindgren@uvm.edu

--Betsy Miller (farm business): (802) 447-7582, ext. 252; betsy.miller@uvm.edu; available for Friday appointments only

--Mary Peabody (farm labor issues): (802) 598-4878 (call or text); mary.peabody@uvm.edu

--Zac Smith (farm business and ag business marketing): (802) 524-6501, ext. 446; zachary.m.smith@uvm.edu

In addition, to help farm and forest businesses keep current with emerging COVID-19 issues, UVM Extension agricultural business staff will host 30-minute web forums at 12:30 p.m. on April 23 (Cash Flow Triage for Small Businesses) and April 30 (Digital Entrepreneurship and Online Marketing). To register, contact Mark Cannella at mark.cannella@uvm.edu.


Christi Ellen Sherlock