Tuesday, Dec 13, 2016

You're invited to come see what our creative and talented graduate students are doing in Evolutionary Computation!

CS/CSYS 352 Evolutionary Computation Mini-Conference
Tuesday, Dec 13, 2016
1:30-4:15, 223 Votey Hall, UVM

1:30-1:55 “Speech emotion Recognition: Feature selection through Genetic Algorithms”, by Laurence Clarfeld, Viktoria Manukyan, Xipei Liu

1:58-2:23 “Evaluation of Evolutionary Computation Strategies to Select Gray Matter Volumes to Classify Adolescents With and Without a History of Interpersonal Trauma”, by Matthew Price

2:26-2:51 “Feeding the World: An Evolutionary Method to Optimize Dynamic Intervention-Driven Change”, by Ariel Langevin, Chase Stratton, and Serge Wiltshire

2:54-3:19 “Optimizing Monte Carlo with evolutionary algorithms”, by Nathan S. Nichols and Benjamin Himberg

3:22-3:47 “Towards Unraveling the Role of Time in Evolution”, by Collin Cappelle and Sam Kriegman

3:50-4:15 “Evolving Options Trading Strategies”, by David R. Dewhurst, John H. Ring IV, Colin M. Van Oort