Growing up as one of few — if not the only — students of color in her Shelburne, Vermont, school, Shania Bunbury is well-versed in the realities of racial discrimination today. Having persisted through a traumatic, racially-charged experience herself in middle school, she now prepares to become the person she wishes she had back then: an advocate for the marginalized. The economics major and law and society minor had her choice of top law schools, but they all paled in comparison to Harvard. Bunbury will soon take a pivotal step on her long-planned journey to combat marginalization issues (like the school-to-prison pipeline and housing, education and employment discrimination) as a lawyer.

“These are the really big goals, but ones that I think are so important because the people that need the legal system most don’t have the resources for it. It’s really important to me that I use this degree to be the person that I would have wanted when I was going through the education system,” she says.


Kevin Coburn