Dr, Farryl Bertmann has been awarded VAND's (Vermont Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) Outstanding Dietetics Educator Award for the year 2016.

Eligibility Requirements (http://www.eatrightvt.org/content/outstanding-dietetic-educator-award):

·VDA forwards our nominee to the Dietetic Educators of Practitioners DPG and one person is selected for each type of program within our geographic area, Area 7
·Faculty with academic or supervised practice appointments or preceptors in CADE accredited and approved dietetics education programs (CP, DI/AP4, DPD, and DT)
·Demonstrated innovative teaching skills and techniques
·Demonstrated mentoring as documented by letters from students


Dr. Farryl joined the Departemnt of Nutrition and Food Sciences in the fall of 2015 as a Lecturer. She believes the goal of teaching is to kindle in students the passion for life-long learning. She hopes to transform students in a way that they become more conscious and aware of the world around them. She wants her students to seek opportunities to broaden and expand their knowledge anywhere, in any circumstance, whether it is taking a moment to become more aware of their food environment, to deepening their understanding the impact of that food environment on healthy eating and community food security. She feels students are best prepared for their career if they are engaged, curious and willing to learn.

She is currently serving on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Healthy Food for a Healthy Planet working group, the Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group's Food Security Action Plan, as the Vermont Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' State Policy Representative and State Regulatory Specialist, and as the Dietetic Educator for Food For Thought, a non-profit supplemental summer lunch program in her hometown.



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