Dear UVM Community,

We learned late yesterday that the lab that processes Coronavirus tests results for UVM and a number of other universities had to suspend operations to address a procedural issue. The problem has been resolved and the lab is again processing tests. Due to the break in service, the lab is behind in reporting results. The delay is impacting a number of colleges and universities, and has been further exacerbated by a record number of tests being submitted this week.

The following are specific details related to the issue:

  • The accuracy of test results already reported has not been compromised.
  • All test samples waiting to be processed are still able to be processed.
  • Individuals who tested on Wednesday, November 18 should receive results by the end of today.
  • Anyone who tested on Thursday, November 19 will not receive results until later on Saturday.
  • The delay in results is anticipated to continue over the weekend, but the lab expects to be caught up soon.

In addition, there have been delays related to the CoVerified app. This issue should be resolved shortly and is unrelated to the lab processing delay.

I appreciate that many students took advantage of testing 48 hours before departing for break and understand this may impact your travel plans. The testing lab is working to return results as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Gary Derr,
Vice President for Operations and Public Safety
The University of Vermont


Gary Derr, VP for Operations and Public Safety