Pruning Raspberries and other August Gardening Tips

Harvesting basil, watching for hornworms and earworms, and pruning raspberries are some of the gardening activities for this month. Read the Full Story >>

Japanese Painted Ferns

Ferns are an underutilized group of perennials in most landscapes, yet they are generally low maintenance, good for shade, add fine texture, and in the case of this plant, add color. Read the Full Story >>

Design to Reduce Stress

Stress-reducing gardens often are similar to any other woodland or flower garden, only emphasizing certain design principles or colors. Read the Full Story >>

Controlling Invasive Plants

Invasive  plants are ones not native to a particular site, and gain a rapid foothold once there to the detriment of the native plants and fauna.  We can control them through various strategies. Read the Full Story >>


A few simple changes to your human environment outdoors, your clothing and actions, may be all that is needed to drive them from your landscape and to keep you gardening with stings. Read the Full Story >>


Leonard Payne Perry