Dear Students, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to share a number of timely updates.

  • The course withdraw deadline is today, April 3, at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • If you are considering withdrawing from a course, you might also explore the Pass/No Pass option. You have until May 14 at noon Eastern Standard Time to select Pass/No Pass.
  • The Pass/No Pass request form will be available on the Registrar’s website beginning April 15. An extensive set of Pass/No Pass FAQ’s is located on there as well. Your college or school has also sent you an additional email about Pass/No Pass.
  • Get ready for fall! Registration for next semester begins Monday, April 6. Please reach out to your academic advisor if you haven’t already been in touch.
  • You can register for courses next week even if you and your advisor have not been able to meet. Please do your best to connect as soon as possible, even if that’s after you register.
  • As in the past, when you register, you will be asked to agree to a set of conditions to ensure that you understand the commitment your registration reflects. This is not a new addition to the process and reflects UVM's compliance with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Summer session will be offered exclusively online. Take some time to explore summer courses, and check back often as we’ll be expanding offerings in response to your needs.
  • If you’re planning on Study Abroad in the Fall, be flexible and have a contingency plan. We’ll decide whether Fall Study Abroad can proceed by June 1. Until then, you should register for Fall courses as if you’ll be on campus, consider your housing options, and don’t make further non-refundable deposits to external programs. Contact the Office of International Education for more information.

I know how hard you are all working and I'm proud of you. Take some time this weekend to step away from the screen, enjoy some fresh air and exercise, and imagine all the better days to come.

With my best wishes to you and your families,

Provost Prelock