Burlington--The annual 4-H Dairy Challenge, designed to test 4-H'ers' knowledge of the dairy industry in a fun yet competitive way, took place Nov. 11 in Burlington at the University of Vermont (UVM). Eighty-two youths participated.

The competition, hosted by UVM Extension 4-H, consisted of four learning sessions, each followed by a written test. Topics were calf management, dairy diseases, forages and soils. Instructors included UVM Extension faculty, staff and students.

The 4-H youths were split into four groups according to age with age-appropriate sessions and questions. The top 10 overall scorers in each group were awarded rosette ribbons.

The winners, by age group, were:

  • 8- and 9-year-olds: Andrew Fors, Bethel (first); Joey Palazzo, Pomfret (second); Leah Rogers, Randolph (third); Ava Smith, Lyndonville (fourth); Steven Werner, Stannard (fifth); Joseph Ellner, Morrisville (sixth); Caleb Sprague, East Wallingford (seventh); Dani Flint, Bethel (eighth); Brody Werner, Stannard (ninth); Zoey Wheeler, Randolph (tenth)
  • 10- and 11-year-olds: Lucy Palmer, Cavendish (first); Emma Seward, Wallingford (second); Christin Haynes, East Montpelier (third); Livi Russo, Lunenburg (fourth); Emma Oliver, Bridport (fifth); Natalie Michaud, East Hardwick (sixth); Emma Rowell, Greensboro (seventh); Bobby Brown, Lunenburg (eighth); Susanna Nelson, Ryegate (ninth); Elizabeth Waterman, Thetford (tenth)
  • 12- and 13-year-olds: Abby Carson, Newbury (first); Cody Trudeau, Newport (second); Ashton Thomas, Orwell (third); Morgan White, Whiting (fourth); Michael Ploof, Bridport (fifth); Donovan Noyes, East Montpelier (sixth); Sam Callan, Berkshire (seventh); Paige Ainsworth, Stannard (eighth); Sadie Ellner, Morrisville (ninth); Sarah Hill, Bristol (tenth)
  • 14- to 18-year-olds: Abagail Hurd, Hardwick (first); Hillary Mitchell, Morrisville (second); Dana Seward, Wallingford (third); Aislynn Farr, Richmond (fourth); Isabel Hall, East Montpelier (fifth); Justin Thurber, Barre (sixth); Chris Girard, Lunenburg (seventh); Ellie Bissell, Richmond (eighth); Brianna VanderWey, Ferrisburgh (ninth); Rose Tarbell, Middletown Springs (tenth)

Please contact Wendy Sorrell, UVM Extension 4-H livestock educator, at wendy.sorrell@uvm.edu for additional information about this event or the Vermont 4-H dairy program. 


Wendy M. Sorrell