The University of Vermont recognizes the important role it plays as the state mobilizes to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes support of the vital work being done at the medical center.  

In addition to the more than 630 spaces the university previously shared with the hospital, we have provided another 160 parking spaces to allow medical personnel to park in lots closer to the hospital. This includes spaces in the Jeffords East (Windmill) Lot, and the South Beaumont Lot. The university has also identified additional spaces that will be released to the hospital upon request. Medical Center parking staff are determining how those spaces are being (or will be) allocated.

The university is only enforcing parking restrictions for handicap spaces, fire lane access and restricted areas such as travel lanes and green space for these areas. The parking warnings recently issued were intended to guide medical personnel to use designated lots. We regret any misunderstanding or confusion they may have caused. We continue to work with the medical center to ensure staff are aware of the new parking availability.