This message is for faculty, post docs and graduate students involved in research in any discipline in any college.

Colleagues, as the University continues to implement measures to address issues regarding COVID-19, it becomes ever more important that you thoroughly explore how you will keep your research on track and protect the precious and unique assets that you need to do so. Who can work from home? Who cannot? What are critical functions and how will they be maintained? You should identify and prioritize activities and projects for which delay or suspension would result in the loss of valuable research materials or abilities. Specific direction regarding this was sent earlier.

Postdoctoral scholars and graduate students conducting research for their thesis/dissertation or as part of a research assistantship are expected to continue their research activities. However, where possible, transition work effort to activities that can be accomplished remotely (manuscript preparation, data analysis, computational work, etc). When on-campus work is required, health and safety are a priority. Clean shared equipment and surfaces between uses and follow social distancing guidelines to include staggered schedules as needed. Graduate students who are paid wages for their research assistance are considered student workers and are allowed to continue working.

Fedex and UPS packages for LCOM will be delivered to the College of Medicine Central Receiving Area in the Given Building and there will be a plan for delivering them. All other packages will be delivered to the Williston Print and Mail facility (223 Avenue D, Suite 20, Williston, VT) and will be available for faculty and staff to pick up from 10 am to 2 pm M-F. For questions, please contact Lisa Anderson, at or 802-656-3413

In addition, Francis Churchill wants you to know that Risk Management and Safety will continue to deliver ethanol and flammable solvents as usual, remove hazardous wastes, assist with hazards assessments, assist with hazmat shipments, and respond to spills/incidents.

Thank you for your continued efforts in support of research and your colleagues. Please continue to monitor the COVID-19 website for updates and to ask specific questions.

Cynthia Forehand PhD, Dean of the Graduate College
Richard Galbraith, M.D., Ph.D., Vice President for Research