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Landowner: Josie Carothers

Phone: (802) 728-5525


RANDOLPH, 2.5 acres riverbottom land for organic grower

Location: Randolph, Orange County

Tenure Arrangements Offered:
Long term lease (5+ years)
Short term lease (1-5 years)
Other: We would not charge but would ask for person to be organized, tidy and replenishing with the land.

TOTAL: 2.5
Wooded: 0
Open: 2.5
Tillable: 2.5

Quality of Land:
Two level fields divided by a small stony spine. Lower field is soil type Wa; Waltham fine sandy loam. Upper field is half Wa and half Le: Limerick very fine sandy loam. Our experience shows us these fields drain well except for a couple of small spots. Lower field adjacent to Middle Branch of White River, flooded in Irene but drained immediately. Spring 2013 will be fifth year without chemicals. We have restored this land organically (was used for corn) by tilling in repeated crops of winter rye and oats/peas/vetch and application of wood ash. Soil tests conducted 3 years ago and will be repeated in November.

Farm Infrastructure:
Farm Buildings: None. Hope to be bulding a barn in next year or two and could share with tidy person(s).
Housing: None on land. Could find in village 1 mile away.
Water Resources: river is adjacent
Equipment: could share tractor with responsible person

General Information:
Seeking organic vegetable grower for 2.5 acres of our small riverbottom farm. We would not charge for this lease but would expect farmer to be organized, reasonably tidy, have some knowledge of growing, and to maintain soil fertility. We also have about 2 acres of unrestored pasture which we keep mowed--no fences on it, though--that someone could summer some livestock on. This is a very pretty area with numerous dairy farms around.

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