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Please note: Educational resources covering options, considerations and preparation related to farm access, tenure, and stewardship are available in the Land Access Information Toolshed of the UVM Extension New Farmer Project website. Please also feel free to contact personnel at the New Farmer Project at or the UVM Extension Land Access Consultant, Ben Waterman, at (802) 656-9142 or with any other questions, to schedule a free consultation, or if you would like to be sent a hard copy of any of the available materials.

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Landowner: R.F. De Lorme

Phone: 8026265105


EAST BURKE, Possible Lease/Partnerhsip/Ownership w/ some flexibility for small operation

Location: East Burke , Caledonia County

Tenure Arrangements Offered:
Lease with option to buy
Long term lease (5+ years)
Partnership with farmer seeking land
Partnership with eventual sale
Short term lease (1-5 years)
Other: Development of very small agricultural "community".

Wooded: 40
Open: 10
Tillable: 8

Quality of Land:

Farm Infrastructure:
Farm Buildings: none
Housing: Could probably be arranged
Water Resources: Well
Equipment: none

General Information:
Lease/Partnership/Community - We have a nice 50 acre property with various options for pasturage, gardening, small livestock and forestry. We are a mature, ethical, considerate, environmentally inclined couple looking to put the land to good use and help sustain the cost of maintaining the house and the property. We are open to various possibilities FOR THE RIGHT PERSON(S) including short or long-term "live-on lease of land" for agricultural endeavors and possibly leading to partnership and/or land ownership. Our expertise is in marketing, business management, research, PR and planning and we are willing to help/mentor in those areas. We do NOT have any agricultural experience beyond basic gardening, but we have done a lot of research. Given our soil, location, elevation and terrain, and based on our own research, we believe the property would be a good place for milk or meat goats, poultry, rabbits, short season ground crops and wood.

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