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URL Shortener – go.uvm.edu

go.uvm.edu is a URL shortening tool that takes a long URL and turns it into essentially whatever URL you want it to be. For example – https://www.uvm.edu/it/kb/article/url-shortener-go-uvm-edu can be shortened to go.uvm.edu/shorturl-kb which is more human-readable and is easier to share.

Fun Fact:

A URL that has been shorted using the go.uvm.edu tool is often referred to as a Go link.

Main benefits of using go.uvm.edu to shorten a URL:

  • UVM branded (go.uvm.edu/your-url-here)
  • Long URLs can be hard to share, shortened URLs promote sharing
  • Live click data, geographic location of clicks, which webpage a click originated from

To prevent abuse, logging into the go.uvm.edu service requires that you have enrolled in Duo Multifactor Authentication

  1. Navigate to https://go.uvm.edu/admin/
  2. If prompted, enter your UVM NetID and password. You may also receive a prompt to verify your identity using Duo Mobile.
  3. Enter the URL you’d like to transform into a Go link into the “Long URL” field, enter the custom short URL text into the corresponding field, then click the “Shorten URL” button.

    The example above would transform https://a-long-url-example.com/this/is-a-long-example to the Go link go.uvm.edu/example

  4. Share your shortend URL with others.

Coming soon.


Updated on January 24, 2020

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