This stream of work, co-led by Colin Anderson and colleagues in the Agroecology Now! collective focuses on understanding and supporting the societal transformations necessary to enable agroecology as a model for sustainable and just food systems. The work is based on the commitment to co-producing and mobilising knowledge with civil society organisations, intergovernmental bodies, policy-makers, researchers and food producers to advance societal transformations for agroecology.

It involves a range of activities including research, advocacy, communications processes and convening people in workshops and convergences to examine and develop agroecology transformations in different contexts. This has included consultancies with the Agroecology Fund and the FAO, as well as meetings and joint activities with social movement partners, activists, researchers and policy makers.

Cover of open access textbook on Agroecology

Open access book on agroecology transformations.


One prominent stream within this work has developed several outcomes that present a new conceptual framework for transitions based on the idea of ‘domains of transformation’. This has resulted in many outcomes including an Open Access book.

Another active sub-stream of work focuses on how a transformative agroecology can be resourced. It looks critically at the role of public and philanthropic donors in enabling agroecology transitions and is being carried out in close cooperation with CIDSE. Our research makes it clear that financing from institutions and donors for agricultural and rural development is woefully inadequate and work against just transitions in food systems.  This is an issue of both quantity and quality (see video and research briefs: (English PDF –  French PDF –  Spanish PDF)


Colin Anderson


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