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New Multidisciplinary Collegial Network Organized: Book Studies Group

Prof. Jeffrey Marshall and Prof. Prudence Doherty, both of Bailey-Howe Library, are forming a book studies group with financial support from the Humanities Center. The group will bring faculty together from several disciplines and programs to explore related teaching and research interests that focus on the book, broadly defined as the medium of written language from ancient tablets to digital media. The group asks: What themes do we share in the study of books?  How do other institutions define “book studies” and how would we define it at UVM?  In what areas is more support needed both for teaching and for researching in this area?  In what ways might we expand the use of Special Collections resources in teaching and research?  Should we work toward establishing a book studies program and minor or certificate at UVM?  In what ways might we benefit from pursuing this common interest, formally or informally? The network is open to all who are interested. Please contact Prof Marshall for more information about the network’s activities (