Phosphorus Surplus Hurts Cleanup Efforts: Vermont

Vermont farms have built up a massive phosphorus surplus – one that is growing at an estimated 1,500 tons per year – as farmers continue to import large quantities of animal feed and fertilizer, a new University of Vermont study says. 

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Corn field

Study First to Calculate Countries' Paris Agreement Targets for Agriculture

The agriculture and land use sector comprised almost a fifth of human-made greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 and may comprise three-quarters of emissions by 2100, but its critical role in climate change is often overlooked in favor of the energy and transportation sectors. 

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eric bishop von wettberg with chickpeas

Genetic Limits Threaten Chickpeas, a Globally Critical Food

Perhaps you missed the news that the price of hummus has spiked in Great Britain. The cause, as the New York Times reported on February 8: drought in India, resulting in a poor harvest of chickpeas.

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