Using Machine Learning and AI to Sustainably Feed the World

The University of Vermont is part of a multi-institutional team of researchers awarded $10 million to build more sustainable and resilient food systems using precision agriculture tools.
interseeder in field

Researchers at the University of Vermont have teamed up with scientists around the U.S. to tackle agriculture’s grand challenge of feeding the world’s growing population while conserving natural resources and reducing its environmental footprint.

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four cheesemakers

UVM Alumni, Cheesemakers Offer Advice for Post-Grad Success

Four local alumni convened at UVM’s Davis Center in November for a panel discussion on their path to careers in the Vermont artisan cheese industry. None of them started their undergraduate journey with the intention of becoming cheesemakers, but through coursework, internships and personal connections they made, each found their way to cheese. Or maybe, cheese found them.

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two women working presenting to a group

The Power of Relationships

What do two community development professors, a business analyst for a value-added processing firm in Burlington, a saffron grower from Iran, a community supported agriculturalist from Ecuador, and a third year University of Vermont student have in common? A place at the table.

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