Mandatory Labels Reduce GMO Food Fears

Consumer attitudes toward genetically modified food improved by 19% after mandatory labeling in Vermont, compared to the rest of the U.S.
Jane Kolodinsky with GMO labeled food product

As the U.S. Department of Agriculture prepares guidelines for labeling products that contain genetically modified ingredients, a new study from the University of Vermont reveals that a simple disclosure can improve consumer attitudes toward GMO food.

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Proctor's Latest Maple Innovation? Weekends Off.

Like most sugarmakers, Brian Stowe was used to working without a break from the start of the maple sugaring season in early spring to its bitter end in mid- to late April.

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An images of typical household food waste: bruised bananas and a moldy orange

People Waste Nearly a Pound of Food Daily

Americans waste nearly a pound of food per person each day, but the exact amount of food we trash differs by how healthy your diet is, a new University of Vermont co-authored national study finds.

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