UVM Food Systems graduate faculty members are diverse in their disciplinary backgrounds, areas of research, and forms of scholarship. If you are a UVM faculty member who would like to be affiliated with our program, please contact Allison Spain for more information.

Name/Bio link/Role


Anaka Aiyar, PhD

Assistant Professor, Community Development & Applied EconomicsFood Systems, Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Health Economics

Colin Anderson, PhD (recruting for 23-24)

Research Associate Professor, Institute for AgroecologyCommunity- and people- led processes of transformation for resilience, social justice and well-being

John Barlow, DVM, PhD

Associate Professor, Animal and Veterinary SciencesMastitis epidemiology, infectious disease epidemiology, zoonotic disease, antimicrobial resistance, global animal & public health
Bradley Bauerly, PhD


Lecturer, Political ScienceInternational Political Economy, Comparative Politics, and International Relations. Current research is on the politics of food systems, agrarian political movements and state building

Emily Morgan Belarmino, PhD 

Assistant Professor, Nutrition & Food SciencesPublic health nutrition, food system-nutrition linkages

Farryl Bertmann, PhD, RDN, CD 

Clinical Associate Professor, Nutrition & Food SciencesFood Security & Nutrition Assistance Programs; Inclusive Approaches to Community-Based Nutrition Education; Global Food Sovereignty

Trishnee Bhurosy, PhD, CHES

Assistant Professor, Nutrition & Food SciencesAddressing behavioral and social determinants of nutrition behaviors; Understanding the role of nutrition in cancer prevention and control;Identifying strategies to improve food security among socially vulnerable populations

Pablo Bose, PhD 

Associate Professor, Geography, Gund FellowCulture, space & power, transnationalism & diaspora, urban & cultural geography, political economy & ecology, India & South Africa

Matthew Burke, PhD 

Research Associate, Community Development & Applied Economics, Gund AffiliateEnergy and environment, just transitions, political ecology, science-technology-society, social-ecological systems

Lisa Chase, PhD (potentially recruting for 23-24)

Extension Professor: Natural Resources Specialist and Director of the Vermont Tourism Research CenterCommunity development, tourism and recreation, food systems, environmental conflict management

Yolanda Chen, PhD (recruting for 23-24)

Associate Professor, Plant & Soil Science, Gund FellowInsect ecology, population genetics, agroecology, evolutionary biology

David Conner, PhD (potentially recruting for 23-24)

Associate Director

Associate Professor, Community Development & Applied EconomicsEconomics of sustainable food systems.
Rocki Lee DeWitt, PhDProfessor, School of Business AdministrationAnomalies in family business including intergenerational innovation in the face of leadership & ownership disruption and the critical role of non-family key persons

Tyler Doggett, PhD 

Professor, PhilosophyEthics, philosophy of mind, modern philosophy and metaphysics

Andrea Etter, PhD (potentially recruting for 23-24)

Assistant Professor, Nutrition & Food SciencesFood Safety and food microbiology; Bacterial genetics and stress tolerance; Backyard chickens and Salmonella risk

Joshua Farley, PhD

Professor, Community Development & Applied Economics and Environmental Studies, Gund FellowDesigning an economy to balance what is biophysically possible with what is socially, psychologically and ethically desirable

Rachael Floreani, PhD 

Associate Professor, Mechanical EngineeringNatural and sustainable material design, cellular agriculture, cultured meat

Gillian Galford, PhD (potentially recruting for 23-24)

Research Assistant Professor, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural ResourcesEnvironmental sustainability, ecosystems ecology, nitrogen and carbon cycling, greenhouse gases, remote sensing, ecosystems modeling, land-cover and land-use change, tropical agriculture

Bernice Garnett, S.c.D 

Associate Professor, Education and Social ServicesBullying prevention, community & social systems, diversity, access & equity, public health, research methods, restorative justice, school climate, health & transformation, social justice
John Gennari, PhDProfessor, EnglishU.S. ethnic studies, jazz studies, food studies, popular culture, cultural criticism

Sarah Heiss, PhD

Associate Professor, Community Development & Applied EconomicsPublic communication, health communication, strategic communication, food media, food politics
Stephanie Hurley, DDeSAssociate Professor, Plant & Soil Science, Gund FellowLandscape design and planning; ecological design; green stormwater infrastructure, land use & watershed management, urban ecology, landscape visualization
Vic Izzo, PhDResearch Associate and Lecturer, Plant and Soil SciencesEvolutionary Ecology, Entomology, Sustainable Pest Management, Agroecology
Simon Jorgenson, PhDAssociate Professor, EducationCurriculum and Instruction, Educational policy, History, philosophy and sociology of education, STEM

Jana Kraft, PhD

Associate Professor, Animal and Veterinary SciencesDairy lipids and human health, lipid metabolism, fetal programming, fatty acid analysis

Ike Leslie, PhD

Extension Assistant Professor of Community DevelopmentEnvironmental sociology & justice; food systems & justice; gender & sexuality; rural economic & community development

Teresa Mares, PhD (not recruting for 23-24)

Program Director 

Associate Professor, Anthropology Latino/a migration in the United States, food security, sustainable food systems, and human movements

Cristina Mazzoni, PhD

Wolfgang and Barbara Mieder Green and Gold Professor of ItalianEuropean Fairy Tales, Literature and Spirituality, Food Culture

Ernesto Mendez, PhD

Professor, Plant & Soil Science, Faculty Director, Leader, Institute for Agroecology Gund FellowInternational environmental studies, agroecology, rural development
Scott Merrill, PhD Research Assistant Professor, Plant & Soil Science, Gund FellowSystems ecology, pest management, social-ecological systems, landscape ecology, serious games, experimental gaming, animal biosecurity, climate change, population modeling, Monte Carlo simulations, spatiotemporal modeling

Cheryl Morse, PhD

Associate Professor, GeographySocial geography, rural studies, place production, nature-culture theory, identity, landscape, youth, Vermont

Deborah Neher, PhD 

Professor, Plant & Soil ScienceSoil ecology, biological indicators of soil, plant-soil interactions, epidemiology of root pathogens

Meredith Niles, PhD (recruting for 23-24)

Associate Professor, Nutrition & Food Science, Gund FellowFood Systems Sustainability; Food Policy; Food Security; Farmer Behavior; Social-Ecological Systems

Lizzy Pope, PhD, RD 

Assistant Professor, Nutrition & Food Sciences and Director of Didactic Program in DieteticsBehavioral economics and health behaviors

Travis Reynolds, PhD

Associate Professor, Community Development & Applied Economicsfood policy, food security, agricultural development, sustainable agriculture, rural livelihoods

Matthew Scarborough, PhD 

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental EngineeringBiological Wastewater Treatment, Anaerobic Bioprocessing of Wastes, Microbiome Engineering, Modeling of Microbiomes

Chris Skinner, PhD

Assistant Professor, Nutrition & Food SciencesNutritional physiology, Liver diseases, Repurposing waste as functional foods

Julie Smith, DVM, PhD 

Research Associate Professor, Animal and Veterinary SciencesAnimal health & well-being, biosecurity, agrosecurity

Daniel Tobin, PhD 

Assistant Professor, Community Development & Applied EconomicsAgricultural development, food systems, development sociology, rural sociology, program evaluation

Amy Trubek, PhD (notrecruiting for 24-25)

Professor, Nutrition & Food Sciences  Taste of Place; Culinary History and Anthropology; Food Supply Chains

M. D. Usher, PhD 

Lyman-Roberts Professor of Classics, Department of ClassicsGreek and Latin literature, ancient philosophy, orality studies, sustainable systems in antiquity

Eric Bishop von-Wettberg, PhD (potentially recruting for 23-24)

Assistant Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences, Gund FellowGenetics, genomics, domestication, crop breeding, evolution, ecology, legumes, germplasm, conservation
Asim Zia, PhDProfessor, Community Development & Applied Economics, Gund FellowComputational policy analysis, governance networks, social-ecological systems, coupled natural & human systems, sustainable development, food, energy and water systems