Sharing some ongoing work by current graduate students!

The Gardens Nearby

A podcast by April McIlwaine

Gardening provides far more in health benefits than just food for one's household. Community gardening in particular has been shown to holistically support an individual’s wellbeing and contribute positively to the overall health of communities. However, gardening in urban spaces comes with a host of complexities, including land access, development pressures, resource availability, and site contamination.

Throughout this podcast, I will examine how community gardening in Burlington, Vermont has been shaped by the city's industrial and cultural history, and we will hear from gardeners whose determination to grow food has quite literally cleared space for the Burlington Area Community Garden.

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Behind the Seeds

A narrative podcast by LuAnna Nesbitt

Since the dawn of agriculture, humans have been growing, sharing, and cherishing seeds. However, seeds are often a concealed aspect of our current industrialized food system. Despite the current agrobiodiversity crisis and ongoing concentration of seeds, people across the globe are working towards reinstating and creating alternative ways to produce and share seeds.

Focused in the context of the US Northeast, this podcast aims to tell the story of regionally important crops from the stewards of their seeds. The narratives explore themes of joy, climate, biodiversity, community, production, and tradition and highlights four specific cultivars: the ‘Macomber' turnip, the 'Skunk' common bean, ‘Roy Calais/Abenaki' flint corn, and the 'Southport Red Globe' onion. Join this seed exploration and discover what regional seed stewardship might look like in the Northeast.

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