Data Availability Name Description Objective Dates
DownloadableRanch Brook Macroinvertebrate Community AssessmentsMacroinvertebrate Community Assessments are based primarily on eight metrics of the Macroinvertebrate community. These include metrics of abundance, species richness, and indexes of Sensitive to tolerant species ratios. Data come from Ranch Brook at a location about 50 m below the first bridge crossing in Mansfield state park (44.50361, -72.78194) and were extracted from effectiveness of a forest in providing clean water is assessed through the diversity of key indicator species of stream health. A stream indicator species in this context is a macroinvertebrate (insects, worms, or snails) whose presence, absence, or abundance reflects the current condition of the environment. Macroinvertebrates typically require high levels of dissolved oxygen and low turbidity in the water. 2000-09-14 (ongoing)
DownloadableSentinel Stream Metrics 1982 - CurrentVermont DEC collects macroinvertebrate community samples during an annual index period that runs from September 1st through mid-October. Samples are collected from riffle habitats, and sorted and identified in the laboratory. DEC biologists use population data, as well as a number of community variables (called metrics) to assess stream health.1982-01-01 (ongoing)