Data Availability Name Description Objective Dates
DownloadableSalamander Counts 1m2Counts only (no measurements) of salamanders found in random 1m2 plots in each block of the study area; 1983-86, 1991, 1995.1983-01-01 (ongoing)
DownloadableSalamander Night CountsSalamander census in random plots on rainy nights.1983-01-01 (ongoing)
By requestSalamander Scanned DataSalamander counts and tree inventory within the Holt Research Forest, including quadrat searches, shingle counts, strip censusing, moisture block readings, percent coverage, data about trees, logs, and stumps, and a document on sexing techniques for red-back salamanders.1987-01-01 (ongoing)
DownloadableSalamander Shingle All YearsSurvey of redback salamanders under artificial cover boards; 1987-2012.1987-01-01 (ongoing)
DownloadableSalamanders, 1m2 1995Measurements of salamanders in 1m2 search plots, in the same format as the shingle survey; 1995.1995-01-01 (ongoing)