Dataset Overview

Weekly concentrations of NOx, SOX, Ca, Na, Mg, K and Cl for use in Aquatic Acidification model

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This project will assess the relationship between a proposed index of aquatic acidification due to airborne pollutants and the concentrations in air of ammonium, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides.

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Data collection for this dataset is ongoing

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72 records with 16 fields

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This dataset is downloadable from the FEMC, and available to download from another site.

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Linked - Third party determines data license

Preferred Citation

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Markets Division Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNET) [Data table(s) accessed (i.e., Hourly Ozone, Annual Total Deposition)] Available at Date accessed: [month day, year]

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Weekly collection by VMC staff


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