Project Overview

The Vermont Air Quality and Climate Division (AQCD) operates three monitoring sites for ambient air toxics. These are located in Burlington, Rutland and Underhill. Samplers at the sites are operated on a 1-in-12 day (Burlington, Rutland) or 1-in-6 day sample schedule (Underhill). The Underhill site is part of the EPA National Air Toxics Trend Station (NATTS) network. The Burlington and Rutland air toxics monitoring sites are part of the VT AQCD air toxics network. The air toxic sample collection and analysis program includes volatile organic compounds (VOC) and carbonyl compounds at all sites. The NATTS - Underhill site includes sampling and analysis for PM10 metals and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) compounds.


The objectives are to assess trends in hazardous air pollutants (HAP's); evaluate emissions reduction program's efficacy and assess and evaluate air quality models.

Dataset Availability

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Status - Active

Start date: 1985-01-01

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