Dataset Overview

Monthly sampling of water quality, including measures of: Alkalinity, Ammonia (as N), Chloride, Fecal Coliform, Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrate/Nitrite (as N), Total Nitrogen (as N), Total Dissolved Nitrogen (as N), Dissolved Organic Carbon, pH, Total Phosphorus (as P), Total Dissolved Phosphorus (as P), Total Suspended Solids, Soluble Reactive Phosphorus (as P), Specific Conductance, Temperature, and Turbidity.

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The purpose of this sampling is for routine monitoring of the NYCDEP drinking water supply.

Data Collection Status

Data collection for this dataset is ongoing

Start date


Data Availability

Data are available upon request

Preferred Citation

Bader, A. (Ongoing) Routine Stream Sampling. NYCDEP.

Update Frequency

As needed

Maintenance Plan

Not provided


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