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Forests recovering from agricultural legacies differ in many ways that influence tree seed dispersal and seedling establishment patterns. The number of seedlings (less than 0.5 m tall) of all tree species on a 1 x 1 m resolution across six land use legacy sites (2 plowed, 2 pastured, 2 permanent woodlot) in summer 1996 were recorded to test several predictions about seedling abundance, diversity, and dispersion patterns, and their relationships to forest structure, microclimates, and soil resources.

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To determine regeneration of a previous agricultural field by monitoring the tree seedling dispersal and patterns of establishment.

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Sipe T, Bowden R, McClaugherty C. 2009. Tree Seedlings in CRUI Land Use Project at Harvard Forest 1996. Harvard Forest Data Archive: HF141. Available at:

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  • Tree Seedlings in CRUI Land Use Project at Harvard Forest 1996
  • Harvard Forest
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