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This project is was an investigation of the role of the fern understory as an ecological filter that influences the organization of the tree seedling bank in New England deciduous forests. The data files summarize a series of field experiments conducted from 1993 to 1995 evaluating the response of seed germination and seedling growth and survival to experimental understory manipulation. These field studies involved three experimental manipulations of the fern understory: 1) removal of ferns 2) ferns tied back (to remove above-ground shading) 3) ferns left intact (control). These manipulations were established in 180 - 1m2 plots spanning six field sites and 2 different fern species (3 understory manipulations x 2 understory fern species x 6 sites x 5 replicates/site = 180 experimental plots).

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The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of fern understory on tree seedling bank in New England deciduous forests.

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George L, Bazzaz F. 2003. Fern Understory as an Ecological Filter at Harvard Forest 1993-1995. Harvard Forest Data Archive: HF051. Available at:

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  • Fern Understory as Ecological Filter at Harvard forest 1993-1995
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