Project Overview

Four supplemental plots were established during 1959-60 in Northern and central Connecticut on the land of E.C. Childs, Norfolk; Catlin Wood, White Memorial Foundation, Litchfield; Gay City State Park, Hebron; Natchaug State Forest, Eastford. The plots are rectangular transects 25.1 m wide and 20 to 120 m long. Each transect is roughly parallel to the contour and entirely within a given soil drainage class. Each transect is lettered and numbered. Stations appear at 20-m intervals along the transect. Along the baseline the initial station of each transect is numbered 0. Each station consists of a rock monument with a steel angle stake driven into the center. The top of the stake is painted yellow and is stamped with the line letter and station number. Some stations may also have a wooden stake and corresponding metal tag from an earlier marking.


To monitor hardwood forest regrowth in Connecticut.

Dataset Availability

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Status - Active

Start date: 1980-01-01

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