Data Availability Name Description Objective Dates
DownloadableCAT175 ClaryvilleTo download data for CAT175 Claryville click the "Access Data" button below to go to the CASTNET Download Data site, choose the type of report you want, design your custom report and at Step 3 either choose the corresponding pin in the map or navigate to New York in the box below expand it and check "Claryville." Finish creating your report. Click the link below for graphs and site information. "Measurement (Raw Data) Filter pack data are reported for the time interval that the filter was exposed. Continuous measurements of gases (O3, SO2, NO, NOy, and CO) and meteorological parameters are reported as hourly averages. All data are reported in local standard time (i.e. times are not adjusted for daylight savings). Daily zero, span, and precision checks are reported for ozone and trace gases." Other download options available. 1994-05-01 (ongoing)