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Bard College's Water Lab and FEMC Launch New Data Web Tool


FEMC partnered with Bard College's Water Lab to increase the availability and accessibility of the data from their water quality program. This program focuses on water quality monitoring in the Saw Kill water shed and the Roeliff Jansen Kill in the state of New York. The FEMC worked with Bard College's Water Lab to design a webtool that is integrated directly onto their website. The tool now displays their data directly on their site in the form of a map, table, and graph. Graphs and maps can be downloaded as images and shapefiles while the raw data can be downloaded directly from their site. Additionally users are able to filter and choose the locations and attributes that they are looking for. This effort was design with the end goal of producing a comprehensive tool that would enable the Bard College Water Lab's website users to access all things related to the water quality monitoring program. The webtools can be accessed at Roe-Jan and Sawkill.

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Data Rescue is Now Underway!


After much deliberation, the FEMC has begun rescuing dozens of projects across the Northeast. Our Data Technicians have been feverishly converting files, digitizing maps, and scanning documents dating back to the 1950’s. So much valuable information! Topics range from monitoring mercury concentrations in largemouth bass to studying population trends of a harmful insect called the pear thrips to scanning rooms full of handwritten field notes from the Catskills. To learn more about the data rescue project go to Data Rescue, and read more about the project’s July highlights here.

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FEMC is hiring for a full-time Database and Web Developer


The FEMC Database and Web Developer supports FEMC’s data archiving, sharing, integration and exploration mission by overseeing and implementing the development and management of the FEMC data archive, website and associated cyberinfrastructure. Responsible for creating and managing complex databases to archive and serve data from forest health and other environmental monitoring/research projects; administering the FEMC website, including maintenance, development of new features, and troubleshooting; developing new online data access and visualization tools; and assisting FEMC staff and cooperators with data access and analysis tasks. Assist FEMC staff in creating and maintaining automated data collection protocols, collecting air quality monitoring samples in the field, servicing environmental sensors and field stations, and related technical and administrative tasks.

To apply and find more information go to UVM Jobs: FEMC Database and Web Developer

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