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Data Analyst position


The Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative seeks a Data Analyst to help develop regionally-relevant translational science tools and analytical support with the goal of understanding, tracking and responding to forest ecosystem health issues across the Northeast. The Data Analyst will provide data management, analytical support, spatial analysis, and data visualizations for FEMC products. These products are defined by the evolving needs of FEMC cooperators and range from the integration and analysis of disparate datasets to the development of new web-based and geospatial data visualization tools. This is a great opportunity for someone interested in applying their analytical skills to support actionable change for lasting impact on the region’s forests. 

Learn more and apply at  https://www.uvmjobs.com/postings/56085



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Tracking Shifts in Disturbance Regimes online tool now available.


We are so excited to announce the release of another new tool: "Tracking Shifts in Disturbance Regimes." The tool focuses on four drivers of forest disturbance: Extreme Weather, Pest or Pathogen, Fire, and Drought. There is also information about some responses to disturbance: Stream Macroinvertebrates, Coldwater Fisheries, and Invasive Plants. You can explore the tool now at www.uvm.edu/femc/disturbance and register for a webinar that will be held on November 3 at 12pm. The webinar has been approved for 1.0 Category 1 SAF credit.

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New Online Tool Available to Explore the Impacts of Climate Change


The Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative is excited to announce the release of the Forest Impacts of Climate Change: Monitoring Indicators Version 1.0 web-tool. This tool allows users to explore where forest monitoring is occurring of 24 expert-identified climate change indicators in the Northeastern U.S. Users can access protocols and visualize where monitoring studies are already being conducted with a focus on aquatic systems, forest systems, trees, and wildlife. Landowners, managers, and researchers can then use these protocols to implement their own, comparable monitoring programs that will be added to the database that already consists of 350 studies with 168 replicable protocols. Developing this network of monitoring sites provides critical information to help close spatial gaps in monitoring efforts and provides baseline data for further inquiry into how forest systems are shifting in response to climate change.

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