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Ecosystem Monitoring Fund Request for Proposals


FEMC is excited to announce a new funding opportunity for monitoring projects. We are accepting proposals for projects of up to $25,000 that focus on monitoring forested ecosystems in the Northeast. The submission deadline is April 25.

More details and the full request for proposals is available here.

Photo credit: LM Kopacki

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Detecting and Monitoring Beech Leaf Disease in the Northeast


In collaboration with the US Forest Service and state forest health programs, the FEMC will be expanding a regional network of monitoring plots to track the spread and severity of Beech Leaf Disease (BLD). BLD is a foliar disease associated with a subspecies of Japanese nematode, Litylenchus crenatae. This disease has been documented in both mature and young American beech, with mortality often occurring following multiple years of infection. Oriental and European beech are also prone to infection. First detected in Ohio in 2012, BLD has rapidly expanded throughout the northeastern US and Canada. In 2020, BLD spread considerably throughout New York and Connecticut, with initial detections occurring in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The goal of this partnership is to share resources that can aid in detecting this new disease while expanding our regional detection efforts. A portion of FEMC plots with a strong component of American beech will be used to collect measurements of BLD and Beech Bark Disease severity, in addition to site characteristics that may be meaningful factors for disease. The US Forest Service is encouraging partners to use the Tree Health Survey app (available for iPhone and iPad) for reporting potential infections of BLD. For additional information on BLD, consider attending the USDA Forest Service Beech Leaf Disease Virtual Workshop, scheduled for April 15th, 2021.
– by Cameron Mcintire, USDA Forest Service

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Announcing The Northeastern Forest Regeneration Data Network


We are pleased to announce the Northeastern Forest Regeneration Data Network online at www.uvm.edu/femc/forest_regen

To help the region better understand the patterns and trends in forest regeneration, the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative (FEMC) created REGEN: The Northeastern Forest Regeneration Data Network , an online data and methodology portal that allows users to explore, search, filter, and compare projects and datasets related to forest regeneration.

While many monitoring efforts and research studies have collected regeneration data, this information has not been aggregated, standardized or made public to the broad group of stakeholders who could benefit from the information. The FEMC responded to these concerns by creating REGEN, a structured framework and portal where visitors can discover and compare projects and datasets that have collected regeneration data.

The data collection available through the portal includes projects and datasets ranging from long term research studies examining the effects of silviculture treatments on regeneration to those looking at the effects of natural disturbances on regeneration. This work reflects the efforts of a broad collaborative group allowing us to work together to promote easier data discovery and utilization without duplication.

Visit the project page to learn more about the project and access the report

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