With impacts of a global climate crisis increasingly experienced throughout northeastern forested regions, the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative prepares for action at our 2019 Conference. This year’s overarching theme "Monitoring for Impacts of Climate Change: Tracking and measuring outcomes in northeastern forests” will present updates and research on a wide range of topic categories.

Our morning plenary includes a talk by Richard Primack, conservation biologist of Boston University, who will focus on his current work which highlights the effects of climate change on the flowering, leafing out, fruiting, and leaf senescence times of plants, the migration times of birds and flight times of insects in Massachusetts, and the potential for ecological mismatches among species caused by changes in timing. Professionals will speak on the various initiatives involved in monitoring and measuring aspects of climate change and forest ecosystem responses, pests and disease, technology and partnerships, forest management, forest and alpine ecology, wildlife and forested rivers and streams.

In addition to the contributed talks there will be an opportunity to participate in moderated working sessions in which windows for discussion will encourage insight from numerous perspectives. Over the course of the day, our scheduled presentations will be separated by coffee, lunch and snack breaks providing a chance to view a display of exhibited posters, make new connections and catch up with colleagues. As part of FEMC’s effort to connect across boundaries in the scientific community, we are excited to welcome researchers, educators, natural resource managers, and non-profit from a range of disciplines, all of whom are supporting the Cooperative goals of sharing information and making connections.

Full conference details are available at https://www.uvm.edu/femc/cooperative/conference/2019/agenda.