Each year, TOEC provides training for more than 300 municipal officials and citizen volunteers in two Vermont locations. 

The University of Vermont is committed to safeguarding the health of our community while delivering on our educational mission. With regrets, the Town Officers’ Education Conference is cancelled. This is in response to the Coronavirus threat and UVM’s concern about the well-being of conference attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, staff, and presenters. Please email Gary Deziel (contact info below) if you have questions. All paid registrants, exhibitors, and sponsors will receive refunds within 30 days (+/-).

2020 marks the 75th annual TOEC conferences:

Wednesday, April 8 at Lake Morey Inn, Fairlee, Vt.
Wednesday, April 15 at Hilton, Burlington, Vt.

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The conferences are organized by UVM Extension in partnership with participating organizations. They are designed to help town clerks, planners, listers, select board members and other officials do their jobs more effectively by providing updates on tax laws and regulations, municipal recordkeeping and effective strategies for handling planning, zoning and other town issues.

Thanks to our Gold Sponsor: Vermont Department of Taxes

The Vermont Department of Taxes provides taxpayers with the resources they need to understand the ever-changing tax law.

Thanks to our Silver Sponsor: Vermont State Data Center

Vermont State Data Center Logo

The Vermont State Data Center provides data access and utilization assistance to Vermont data users and facilitates Census Bureau data collection programs.

Thanks to our Silver Sponsor: Vermont Assessors and Listers Association

The Vermont Assessors and Listers Association is an assemblage of property assessing personnel dedicated to the fair and equitable treatment of property owners.

Past Workshops: 2019

TOEC on Across the Fence:

Past Workshops: 2018

2018 Theme: Technology, Efficiency, and Collaboration: Innovations to Improve Municipal Practice

KEYNOTE PANEL: with Jim Condos, Vermont Secretary of State, John Quinn, Secretary of VT Agency of Digital Services and Chief Information Officer; Michael Schirling, Secretary of Agency of Commerce and Community Development.

Do you sense funding streams drying up or getting diverted away from your municipal work?  When this happens we look for ways to work smarter by turning our focus to innovative approaches like using technology, increasing efficiency and building collaborations.  These three approaches form the theme for our 2018 Conference looking for innovative ways to improve municipal practices.  Keynote panelists will share their state-level insight for Vermont and offer suggestions on how municipalities can incorporate these approaches to extend resources.

TOEC 2018 Agenda (PDF) April 2018

Technology and Municipal Government:  The Impact of Technology on Open Meeting Law and the Public Records Act, Jim Condos, Vermont Secretary of State

The Emergency Management Director (EMD) as Teambuilder, Emily Harris, MPA, Vermont Emergency Management

Solid Waste Management for Vermont Municipalies, Paul Tomasi & Bruce Westcott, Vermont Solid Waste District Manager’s Association (SWDMA)

Town Road Erosion Inventory and Drainage Management Standards for Town Highway Access Policies, Milly Archer, CFM, Vermont League of Cities & Towns; Download the VLCT Model Highway Access Policy (.DOCX)

Finding Efficiencies from Mapping the Assessment Process and Use of Metrics, John Vickery, Vermont Assessors and Listers Association (VALA)

Past Workshops: 2017

2017 Theme: “Rural Economies in a Changing Demographic Landscape”

Keynote: “Building Unity, Direction and Priorities through Community Engagement,” Paul Costello

We are thrilled to welcome our 2017 Keynote speaker Paul Costello from the Vermont Council on Rural Development. Have you noticed how the same volunteers do most of the work in your town? Do you feel besieged by long lists of problems or ideas for initiatives that 'someone' should undertake to address?   Many towns face the same challenges of engaging their community in a way that establishes direction and leadership to advance common priorities. Paul will address effective ways to pull people together, to build a stronger community, to advance key projects, and to better connect to resources to help your town move forward.

About Paul Costello: Paul Costello has served as the Executive Director of the Vermont Council on Rural Development since 2000.  VCRD runs an annual Rural Summit, and conducts "Community Visits" that help rural communities build priorities, set action plans, and build connections to resources.  It also provides customized facilitation on rural development policy at the local, regional and state level.  Paul is a native Vermonter who attended UVM before earning a PhD in Intellectual History at McGill.

(above) Building Unity, Direction and Priorities through Community Engagement, Paul Costello Presentation Notes

Ingredients for Downtown & Village Revitalization, Lori Hirshfield, Town of Hartford Dept of Planning & Development

Ingredients for Downtown & Village Revitalization, Gary Holloway, VT Department of Housing and Community Development

Every Town Will Benefit from Statewide Parcel Mapping, Leslie Pelch, Vermont Center for Geographic Information


Past Workshops: 2016

A few highlights and resources:

Plenary Session: Inventorying the Strengths and Assets in Your Community, by Shoshanah Inwood

Slow It, Spread It and Sink It Using Green Stormwater Infrastructure, by Milly Archer and Becky Tharp

Past Workshops: 2015

TOEC on Across the Fence: